“If Your Man Doesn't Give You His ATM Card And His Pin, He's Not Husband Material”-Joro Olumofin

Nigerian social media personality, Joro Olumofin has taken to his social media to highlight a few tips ladies must take note of before settling down with a man.

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In his post, Joro Olumofin stated that a man who refuses to give out his ATM card and his pin to his woman does not qualify to be called a husband material. Also, he mentioned that any man who does not offer his lady the comfortability to pay him a surprise visit in his apartment is not husband material.

Joro Olumofin also said that a man who is unable to give his woman a $200 allowance on a monthly basis does not deserve to be tagged as husband material and if he shares his apartment with more than three people then he’s not the one.


He also went further by saying that any man who places his phone on silent or his WhatsApp messages does not show blue ticks cannot be trusted, hence he is not husband material. In conclusion, he said that if a man has never invited his woman to a church date, then he is not husband material.

See his post below:

In other news, eloquent Ghanaian media personality, Jessica Opare has highlighted a few reasons why she believes money is not a necessity in every relationship and why it takes more than that to secure the love and affections of a woman.


In most relationships, the man is expected to be the sole provider for his woman in good times and bad times. A woman looks up to her man to be the provider of all her needs and solve all her financial woes as long as they are still in a relationship.

Jessica Opare, a Ghanaian journalist has thrown some light on reasons why she thinks men should desist from spoiling their women with money or offering them financial support throughout their relationship.

According to her, a woman will never stop expecting her man to come through for her whenever she faces financial troubles. She revealed that the woman will continue to demand from her man even at his lowest point and if he refrains from doing so, problems begin to emerge in the relationship.


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