I Will Continue To Provide Abortions Because It's The Right Thing To Do As My Job – Doctor Claims

A Twitter user identified as @gutman_sarah has made some populations on the microblogging platform which has triggered reactions.

Sarah who is a doctor at an undisclosed hospital noted that she was going to wake up tomorrow and visit the hospital just like she does on a daily business and continue to provide abortions.

She claimed that’s her work and as a doctor, she is right to provide abortions for people. Sarah urged all and sundry to support the local abortion fund.


She wrote;

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go to work, and continue to provide abortions. Because I’m a doctor, it’s my job, and it’s the right thing to do. #abortionishealthcare

Below are some of the elicitations from tweeps, Ghgossip culled some of them.


LGBailey wrote: Abortions are never the right thing to do. You have to bypass 3 options to get to that point: 1. not taking a chance to have sex. 2. not taking any contriceptives and 3. not using a condom. Those are the responsible choices to make under normal circumstances.

Rachel had this to say: Excuse my ignorance, but is it now banned in all USA? Or some states? Is it possible to have funding set up to transport women to states or Canada needing this procedure if illegal where they are? I don’t know repercussions either. Just thinking…

Lesly W commented; Its about BODY AUTONOMY! No government or person has the right to TAKE my kidney my bone marrow my blood and no right to tell me to KEEP a cancer a tumor or a fetus..these things would destroy me Where does it stop? Will Fed laws also take my privacy rights incl contraceptives


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