I Never Knew A Day Would Come When Dullards Would Rule Us- Issakaba Frontrunner, Sam Dede

The frontrunner for the iconic Issakaba movie shot over two decades ago shared a clip of the countryside featuring the serenity of nature which he claimed gave him waves of nostalgia.

He then when political by saying the dullards and dunces leaders have defied the sanctity of this ambiance they used to enjoy when they were kids.


He posted;

Growing up as little boys, my friends and I preferred the streams and rivers to the very few swimming pools available. The streams afforded an incredible sense of nature, freedom, and the adventures that were associated with them.

Setting handmade traps for fishes, crabs, and birds. Sometimes, our traps caught creatures we didn’t bargain for. Monkeys and Snakes!!! 😁


Taking a break while filming the movie, BROTHERHOOD at Makoko, Lagos, I filmed these little lads with reminiscence. My mind rolled right back to those days with my rugged, adventurous friends.

Just like these little free spirits here, life was for us to live it, and we were hopeful of the future. We never imagined that a day would come when history would record our country as a space where dunces and dullards ruled.

Even if I made this video myself, I have watched it no less than 20 times and my thoughts varied each time…. You see, life was good and easy… Sunday morning. I will really appreciate your thoughts of this vide

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