“How Justin Dean Tried To Lord Over My Money” – Korra Obidi Finally Opens Up On Reason For Her Crashed Marriage (VIDEO)

During a video conversation with her sister on Instagram, Korra Obidi revealed that Justin Dean was an administrator on her social media profile until the start of 2022.

According to the socialite, Justin Dean used to grumble about the amount of time she spent on social media before her profile became commercialized.


When her hardships paid off and the money began to flow, he developed an entitled attitude based on the assumption that her money was his money.

Korra Obidi remarked that there were some topics about which she did not want to speak.

Watch the video below;


Nigerians have shared their opinion on her commentary. See a few reactions below;

thekanyinsola wrote; ‘t’s clear that it was money na. He told on himself when he said she has money to buy a house so why did she rent an apartment for her and her kids!! Like must she spend all?

gloriatamuno wrote; ‘What happened when the money was not coming forth? Did he complain taking care of you and your kids? Na wa o. So because the money started coming you grew wings all of a sudden????;

officialbbbdyfrederick wrote; ;’You people encourage women to leave bad marriages yet you people still attack them when they leave , why are we two faced sef 😏😏’

sueonyanta wrote; ‘You don’t need to explain to the public why your marriage didn’t work, we didn’t pay your bride price.’

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