Has Black Sherif Offended You? Music Enthusiast Calls Out Burna Boy In An Open Letter

A music enthusiast identified as Gerrard Israel has grossly questioned Burna Boy’s integrity after failing to fulfill the pledge he made to Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif on taking him along on his world tours.

The Nigerian singer was at his ‘African Giant’ best on Thursday night when he put up a memorable performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York, United States.

He also performed the Second Sermon remix song much to the admiration of the charged crowd. However, the dominant discourse is the fact he never took Black Sherif along and this generated much buzz on the Ghanaian media landscape.


In view of the foregoing, Gerrard reminded the Nigerian superstar in an open letter to do the needful and project Black Sherif’s soaring tentacles just as he promised.

He wrote;

“What happened to Burna Boy’s “Black Sherif is coming on tour with me” promise he made when ‘Second Sermon’ remix was released.


Has Sherif done anything wrong??? I just don’t get it. Ever since he made that statement, he has played over 5 international shows (Space Drift) without Blacko except for the one he played in Nigeria.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful but that was not what he promised the guy and his fans. I know he’s been performing the song on various stages – which I emphatically believe was influenced by the type of agreement that was signed.

I know a lot of you will say Burna Boy performing the song on those big stages is enough, but IT IS NOT enough, in my books. He needs to be in the face of the people as well – per the contract. Whatever these Empire guys are turning the boy’s career into, we diEr we dey.


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