Gloria Sarfo Cries Uncontrollably At Mother’s Burial Service

Actress Gloria Safo could not hold back her tears during the final funeral rites of her late mother, Madam Ophelia Yeboah.

In some videos posted online, the actress is seen crying uncontrollably with some family members consoling her while her mother laid in state.


The event took place on Saturday, April 30, at the Akyem Osiem Town Park in Abuakwa North Municipality in the Eastern Region.

Some of her colleagues in the movie industry attended the event to show their support for Gloria Safo.

Roselyn Ngissah, Fiifi Coleman and Beverly Afaglo were among some of the celebrities who showed up at the funeral.


They managed to put a smile on Gloria Safo’s face when they took a selfie together.

Madam Ophelia Yeboah died on February 11, at age 66. Although Gloria broke the news on Instagram, she did not reveal what caused her mother’s death.

“Is this how it feels to lose your mother,” she had written. “Eiiiiiiiiii Awurade Nyame 😫😫😫😫😫. God, I Prayed!!! I begged you to save my mother!!!. I Prayed I Prayed I Prayed!!!! WHY😭😭😭😭,” she captioned her post.

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