'Forgive & Forget Is Not Scriptural, Did God Forgive & Forget Satan’s Betrayal?' – Reno Omokri

The popular personality shared his thoughts in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

According to him, there is nothing like ‘forgive and forget’ in the Holy Bible as he urged people to try as much as they can to forgive, however, they should not forget about the wrong people did to them.


The post that he made reads;

“Don’t be deceived. Forgive and forget is not Scriptural. The reason the same negative things keeps happening to you is because you forgive and forget. Forgive but REMEMBER for your own safety. Did God forgive and forget satan’s betrayal? Are you greater than God?”

Some reactions the post got are;


@evarista_igho – To forgive is not only divine but peace.
Forget mean say person fit don lost memory o 😂

@tateplus – Depends what the forget is aimed at o. Me I forget the hurt. Not the person or what the person did. But the pain the person caused, ah, I can’t keep that one o. I go forget am abeg.

@EdozieJonathan – Reno always quoting Scripture out of context. We may never forget after forgiving though: we are wired to remember. God gave us functional memory…

@praise_praise4 – Forgive, but try as much as possible not to let that repeat itself.
The Bible says, be wise as a serpent, be gentle as a dove
Frankly it’s means that we should be aware of what’s in our best interest, so we don’t get taking advantage of.
Forgive but learn and don’t repeat 💯


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