Employers Urged To Normalise ‘13th Month Salary’

Employers and business leaders have been urged to create a balance by adopting a shared reward scheme to motivate employees as well as develop a penalty table to address unethical situations.

According to Chief Executive of Automation Gh Group, Kwaku Asmah, incentivising staff with a thirteenth or fourteenth salary encourages them to achieve set targets.


The 13th month salary is an extra paycheck that is typically equal to one month’s salary.

Speaking at a workshop organised by the Stanford Seed Transformation Network, Ghana Chapter, Mr. Asmah said, “the shared reward scheme enables employees to identify themselves and positioning the role they play in achieving the company’s success.

“If an employee knows they have a stake in a certain output, they will definitely give their all. If they know they play a role in their small corner but at the end of the day, the bigger picture is for the bosses to enjoy, they will definitely not give their all,” he added.


Mr. Asmah stated that a company will do better if it has a committed team that is a watchdog to its colleagues.

“A company’s role is to offer a service. The customer has an expectation or certain requirements and how do you get it? You need people to be committed to the timeline, quality and to the cost that has been agreed,” he said.

The President of Stanford Seed Transformation Network, Ghana Chapter, Linda Yaa Ampah stated that the aim of the network is to empower businesses to succeed.

“For members of the Seed Transformation Network, our objective is to help businesses transform. Now you can’t do this alone, they need a team to work with. There are basic principles they need to work with to help businesses to grow and that includes being ethical, thinking critically, thinking outside the box,” she said.

The workshop was themed “Influencing teams through Ethics and Critical thinking”.

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