DJ Cuppy’s Mum, Nana Otedola Covers Her Daughter’s Exposed Cleavage 

Nana Otedola, the wife of business tycoon Femi Otedola and mother of DJ Cuppy, a Nigerian disc jockey, has warmed hearts after photos of her exhibiting good parenting surfaced on the internet.

Nana Otedola was not pleased with DJ Cuppy’s outlook as her cleavage was exposed in her outfit and as a cultured African woman and mother, she corrected her daughter by covering the part that was exposed.

DJ Cuppy wore a pink spaghetti hand gown that exposed her cleavage, and her mother wasn’t impressed either.


Nana pulled up her clothes to conceal her boobs, as many African mothers do

Sharing the lovely video on her Instagram story, DJ Cuppy captioned it with, “Mothers will always be mothers” accompanied with several laughing emojis.


The lady remarked in the viral video that having a sexual relationship with a dog was not a big issue.

According to Veegodess, although she had intercourse with the dog, she did not get infected with any disease, and she is enjoying the money she earned from the practice.

“What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody. You, in your life, you have done worse and besides, have you seen N1.7million before?

As if it’s a big deal. And mind you I’m not infected or anything. Stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she said.

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