Childhood Trauma Made Me A People Pleaser – Actress Nancy Isime

Popular Nollywood actress and show host Nancy Isime has shared how her childhood trauma affected her adulthood.

Nancy Isime shared her childhood with Lilian Afegbai during a one-on-one chat where she talked about the trauma she went through as a child and how it affected her growing up.

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Speaking about her childhood, Nancy stated that he never got any attention she required as a child. She stated that it affected her so much that growing up she wanted to do things to please people.


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I don’t force myself on anybody. I used to be a people pleaser but that came from childhood trauma. It came from a childhood trauma where you’ll be looking for attention as a child and you didn’t get it. When you get older, you start waning people to like you. So even if it’s breaking you, even if you know that this person doesn’t like you and has said shit about you, you think maybe they can change their minds”.

Speaking about how she overcame it, Nancy said she developed self-love and stopped pleasing people.

But learning to love me and being intuitive helped me to heal from being a people pleaser.” she said.



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