Central Region Residents Are Refusing Covid-19 Vaccination – Central Region Health Directorate

The Central Region Health Directorate is bemoaning how residents in the Region are refusing to avail themselves for vaccination against COVID-19.

According to the Ghana Health Service, many of those who refuse the jabs tell them that COVID-19 is no more prevalent, thus they don’t see the need to take the jabs.


Speaking at a news conference in Cape Coast, Central Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Akosua Sarpong, called for the support of the media to help drum home the need for all to be vaccinated for the country to achieve herd immunity.

The Central Region has made headway in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and several efforts have been made by the Ghana Health Service in the Region to reduce the burden of the disease to the barest minimum. The Centra Region, so far, has recorded 5,820 cases, with some deaths. Currently, it has no active cases.

The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines, as an effective measure to deal with the pandemic, started in phases in the Region, whereby the initial ones were done in high and population-at-risk areas and eventually scaled up.


But the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Akosua Sarpong, says there is a section of the population in the region who have concluded that the COVID-19 is no more prevalent, therefore measures like hand-washing exercises have been reduced and, in some places, halted altogether as a result of the misconception.

Dr. Akosua Sarpong is therefore canvassing for the support of the media and well-meaning Ghanaians to help the Region achieve herd immunity.

“There are vaccines in all our outlets. All that one has to do is just walk in to get vaccinated. We have made an effort to reach out to everyone through the media and other information centers in our communities, and we want more of your support to achieve herd immunity,” she stated.

“It is the desire of the Ghana Health Service that the hand-washing practices that supported the fight against COVID-19 would be continued for the prevention of diseases other than COVID-19,” Dr. Akosua Sarpong urged.

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