British Man Hails Portable After Recognising Him On The Streets of London

A man who we assumed is a British was able to make out Portable in the streets of London where the Nigerian artiste has touched base for his first gig outside the country.

The visibly excited man stopped his car and exchanged pleasantries with the singer who was equally in a buoyant mood for being recognised.

The white man who is probably a big fan of Nigerian music and Portable asked about a friend of the singer known as EJay and in response, Portable said he is around. They exchanged a few more words before the man drove away.


Portable excitedly shared the video of the brief encounter with the man by writing; ”ZAzuu in Birmingham City Caspian pizza 🍕 We Cruising Bizza Bizza if you get money chop life he get why.”

In a related development, a Nigerian lady who has gained notoriety for getting under the skin of Portable has come for him once again by telling him that travelling to London is not an achievement.

Portable is presently in the United Kingdom apparently made possible by billionaire businessman, and entrepreneur E-Money and as we all know he has been overly excited about this new chapter in his life.


He previously shared photos on social media showing the time he was leaving the country and quickly updated his timeline with new photos after arriving in London while writing; ”@iam_emoney1 Na Baba God bless you more Godfather You no go fall Thanks 🙏 to those people way dey show me love from day one ZAzuu GOD Sent …”

Ruth who always looks for every little opportunity to troll the singer reminded him that taking pride in a mere visit to London is pathetic because it is not an achievement. She tweeted; ”Traveling to London isn’t an achievement, make portable rest.”

Traveling to London isn’t an achievement, make portable rest.

— RUTH 💎✨ (@rutie_xx) April 27, 2022


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