Authorities Urged To Enhance Digital Infrastructure In Keta

A resident in the Keta Constituency has made a clarion call to authorities to ensure the enhancement of its digital infrastructure.

Vincent L.K. Djokoto noted that the constituency needs to attract big tech companies such as Google and Facebook to secure the growth of its local economy.


He also pointed out that local firms could serve as a solution.

“The impact of digital technology is yet to reach and radically transform the lives of Keta constituents, on a mass scale – from telecommunication to financial services,” he stated.

According to him, the outlook of Keta in the next decade largely depends on how accessible and affordable data and high tech is to the average consumer.


He noted that already, millions of Ghanaians are able to access vital goods and services by using modern technology and local knowledge.

V.L.K. Djokoto seeks to run for the Parliamentary position for the Keta Constituency in the 2024 elections.

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