‘Attorney-General Has No Appreciation For Humility’ – Edudzi Tamakloe

Lawyer for the Minority Group, Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe has asserted that the Attorney-General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, lacks modesty in his public posturing.

According to him the “Attorney-General’s childhood kernel has been cracked for him. Thus, “he has no appreciation for humility.”


Mr. Edudzi Tamakloe said this in an interview with JoyNews on Thursday in reaction to Mr. Dame’s comment on his ( Tamakloe’s) performance during the hearing of the application for injunction on the implementation of the e-Levy on Wednesday.

After the Supreme Court dismissed the application for interlocutory injunction, Mr. Dame stated that Mr. Edudzi Tamakloe failed to provide evidence to back his arguments in Court.

“You saw what happened in court today. It was an embarrassing spectacle. The lawyer clearly was not able to demonstrate any form of irregularities with proceedings in Parliament. The court asked him, so is there any record that indicates that X number of MPs walked out at a certain stage?


“He obviously said no, there was no evidence indicating whether there was a headcount of a number of MPs present in Parliament who voted to support the bill. There was also nothing indicated by the lawyer which suggests there was a walkout of X number of MPs, so I think we should ignore all that propaganda,” Mr. Dame said.

In response, Mr. Edudzi Tamakloe stated that, “I will prefer to be an embarrassment than a dishonest Attorney-General.”

He added that, “this Attorney-General has no regard for condour and honesty. If he did, he would not appear before the apex court of the land with the 29th March, 2022 votes and proceedings, knowing very well that same has been corrected and that correction has been adopted. It is the lowest that I have seen of an Attorney-General and let be on the record.”

“Unfortunately, this is the Attorney-General that we have to contend with. He sees himself more of an NPP propagandist than the Minister of Justice,” Mr. Tamakloe added.

When asked to explain what he meant by “Attorney-General’s childhood kernel has been cracked for him” Mr. Edudzi-Tamakloe said, the Attorney-General is fond of prejudging matters that are before the Court.

“You remember not long ago even after the Supreme Court gave an injunction order against the NDC MP for Assin North, he met the media once again and said what happened to Adamu Sekande should happen to the NDC MP, knowing that there was a substantive matter to be determined. So it is part of his making to prejudge matters that are before Court,” he recalled.

He stated that there is a standard of practice and ethics at the bar, hence his decsion not to comment on the issue in the media after the hearing. However, the Attorney-General who is his senior colleague, did contrary to the ethics, although he is required to know better.

“And so when he decided to defer this law, I need to descend on him in equal measure.”

In a related development, the South Dayi MP, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor has described as unacceptable, the comment passed by the Attorney-General, Godfred Dame regarding the performance of the Minority’s lawyer, Godwin Edudzi-Tamakloe, in court on Wednesday.

According to him, the A-G was not supposed to describe his fellow lawyer in that manner.

“You could make your legal argument, you could say that your argument as canvassed in opposition to the application prevail, that is what we say as lawyers. But don’t tell the general public that his performance today was embarrassing,” he said.

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