‘Any Lady Who Is Not Financially Independent Has No Business In Marriage’ – Communications Expert

Communications expert, Linda Andoh,  has advised women to avoid marrying with the expectation of being fully reliant on their partners.

Linda Andoh believes that being economically independent before starting a relationship with a partner is the ideal model for any woman.

On Wednesday, she mentioned this during a conversation on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy show.


“There are people who think it’s the duty of the man to take care of them, but every woman needs to have her own source of income before going into marriage,” she said.

Mrs. Andoh believes that any woman who has not achieved financial independence or is unable to meet her own personal requirements is unfit for marriage.

“I personally have a problem with women who think it’s the responsibility of the man to take care of me. Yes, it’s the man’s responsibility, but in the case where the man is not able to take care of you, what happens to you?” she quizzed.


“He can be the richest man, but when he’s not there what happens to you?”

She cited an example of a friend who faced serious repercussions for her failure to be financially sound before venturing into marriage.

“I know someone who got married, she was working and then they wanted to have kids, but it was becoming challenging, so she had to sacrifice the job because it was having a toll on her physically, and this was what the doctors had advised.

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