Angry Youth Destroy A Car After The Driver Allegedly Crashed Two People During A Masquerade Display [Video]

A group of angry youth was said to have been infuriated after a driver forcefully drove through a masquerade display, crushing two people with his car.

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According to reports, people were gathered at Obieti ancient playground of Omoku to watch the Masquerade display when the Toyota Spider driver tried to make his way through the massive crowd.

He was then confronted by some of the masquerades and some elderly people. He was told it was against the traditions of the festival, hence he needs to use another road to get to his destination.


However, despite their warnings, the driver bluntly drove through the crowd and even got his car scratched in the process. He was said to have returned to the same place to hit the masquerades but unfortunately, he ended up crashing an old man and a young boy.

This was said to have angered the youth as they chased him and damaged his car beyond repair. The car’s side mirrors, windshield, and body were completely destroyed but it is unclear what they did to the driver.

Watch the video below:


In other news, a video has been sighted on social media that captures the moment a married couple turned their wedding reception at Ogidi in Anambra State into a powerful prayer crusade.

Wedding receptions are supposed to be the fun part of the whole ceremony after the couple has officiated their marriage. The couple along with family and friends are to eat, dance, and make merry in celebration of the union but this couple aimed to be different.

In the video, the bride and groom led a powerful prayer crusade at the wedding reception before they could get to the fun part of the ceremony.

The wedding attendees were also spotted praying vehemently in tongues for reasons we are yet to find out.


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