'After Getting Pregnant For My Boyfriend, He Has Totally Changed & Now Wants Me To Abort The Baby' – Lady Sadly Writes

According to her, she is in deep pain currently because her boyfriend wants her to abort their baby adding that the guy had earlier accepted the pregnancy and had even gone to see her mother. The post that she made reads;

“Good afternoon Tia remember the person who posted anonymously about wanting to pour out her emotions…😭😭😭..I’m here again..and this is the story behind it…my fiancé and I planned on getting married this year..which we were planning….Along the line I realized I’m pregnant for him..and when I broke the news to him, he was happy about it and he came to see my mom ..I don’t want to type a long story because I’m in pain …he has totally Changed and want me to abort the baby ..which we’ve already aborted 2🥺🥺..he is not even picking up my moms call not to talk of myself…I’m very disappointed and down … sometimes I feel suicidal and I try to understand what is wrong with him but it’s getting worse everyday ..I’m in my third months now…we are all having stable work…and are financially ok…😭😭😭😭😭I sometimes wish it’s just a dream😭😭😭😭…please advice me”



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