Abena Korkor Reveals The Amount She Charges After Sleeping With Men

Mental health activist and media personality Nana Abena Korkor has revealed the amount of money she charges after having $ex with men.

Abena Korko has been trending for a few days on social media after she released Nak3d photos of herself showing vital parts of her body.

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The socialite caused chaos on social media on Wednesday afternoon after she released the photos on her page. While some are of the opinion that she is having her bipolar crisis, others also think she intentionally released the photos to chase clout.


In a recent interview with blogger Zion Felix, Abena Korkor revealed that she used to charge as much as $50,000 just for a one-night stand with any man who wanted her so badly. And also change $1,000 for those who just want to hang out with her.

According to Abena, she deserves every money she gets from these men because she believes she has been created beautifully by God.

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She emphasized that she charges her customers for sleeping with her because she believes dating them would be a waste of time and the money she gets can be used for something useful.


Abena also disclosed that most of the men who can afford to pay her charges are mostly Nigerian men because they love to spend but Ghanaian men are stingy and don’t want to spend. She however disclosed that she is now looking for real love as she stopped sleeping with men for money.


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