9 Incredible Records Black Sherif's 'Kwaku The Traveller' Has Garnered On Digital Streaming Platforms 1 Month After Release

Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ song is still breaking frontiers and leaving in its wake enviable records.

The song produced by Joker Nharnah which was released a month ago has garnered over 75 million audio streams and digital streaming platforms.

Amongst the feat of the trending song which is showing no sign of relenting include, being number 1 on Apple Music Top 100 Nigeria and Ghana respectively.


The song is the number 1 most Shazam song in the world plus the following achievements;

#1 on Triller

#1 on Deezer


#1 on Boomplay Hot Trending 100, and also entered  Spotify Viral 50 charts with

#1 in Sweden

#5 in the UK

#10 on Spotify Global

#2 in Norway

#3 in Denmark

#6 in both Netherlands and Belgium

#9 in France among others

In a related development, a music fan has slammed Ghanaian rappers Kwaw Kese and Keche Joshua for calling out Burna Boy for what they described as the Nigerian singer reneging on his promise to take Black Sherif along on his world tours.

Kwaw Kese

Identified as Ohene Burniton, the worried music enthusiast flawed the argument projected by the duo in their separate posts by saying:

‘With all due respect, legend Kwaw Kese and Keche (Joshua) should give us a break. Why are you guys making it seem Black Sherif is doing Burna Boy a favor but knowing the reality is the vice.


What sparked this false and unwarranted entitlement call from you guys purported to be in the interest of the young champ. Is that not a populist approach to appeal to Black Sherif?

And should his management release any statement contrary to your claims, you same folks might tag him sellout which will lay grounds for you to execute your hatred agenda. Burna promised to tour with him not his song per your analysis, agreed.

Burna promised to tour with him not his song per your analysis, agreed.

Black Sherif

Who is Black Sherif? Isn’t that his music name; so how did you guys manage to separate his product from his personality.

Now, did he announce the particular stage he will be introducing Blacko or he has announced this particular stage was his last tour? The stages he has previously introduced Blacko, which of them did you so-called unofficial PRO of the aforementioned shared.

That would have made sense hence tagging him to prove Ghanaians have appreciated the spark he has given him. I don’t want to believe all these rants are strategies to lure him (Blacko)for collaboration…. I don’t want to believe it.”


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