16-Year-Old Girl Arrested For For Stealing 3-Day-Old Baby From Hospital

The Police in Masindi, a town in Uganda has arrested a 16-year-old girl who stole a 3-day-baby from a hospital located in the Masindi district.

According to reports, the 16-year-old girl is a resident of Nyabueye village in Budongo, a sub-county in the Masindi district.

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The police reports state that the suspect whose name has been withheld posed herself as a hospital attendant at the maternal ward in the Masindi General hospital before she convinced the mother of the 3-day-old baby identified as Sarah Nanjinga to help her carry her baby while she sleeps.


Police say that the mother of the newborn was still recovering from delivering from a C-section at the hospital on April 28th, 2022. She however fell for the girl’s trick and handed her newborn child to the girl who posed as an attendant. The girl later disappeared with the baby which caused an alarm and the case was reported to the Masindi Central Police Station.

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The medical superintendent at Masindi General hospital Dr. Felix Twinomugisha has said that the supervisors at the ward were not aware of the presence of the suspect who reportedly spent four days in the ward posing as an attendant.

He has however cautioned mothers to be vigilant and careful with their newborn babies at the various health facilities.


The regional police, Julius Hakiza has also disclosed that the suspect has been arrested in her hideout with the stolen baby.

“She is currently being held at the police station whereas investigations proceed to find out how the bay was stolen from the hospital.”


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